Website-Update (v2.0)


I’m sure you’ve noticed that my website shines in new splendor! I hope that you like it! 🙂

Feel free to write a comment under this post to get rid of suggestions for improvements, should something bother you about the new website or you should miss something.


There is much that is new with v2.0. A lot of it you can’t see as a normal visitor of the site, but I’ll mention all new features and aspects anyway.

Not visible for visitors:

  • For the management of administrators there is a comprehensive backend, which allows the complete website to be controlled and adapted with just a few clicks
  • Modular adaptation of the website is possible without having to make long adjustments to the code.
  • Search engine optimisation thanks to numerous SEO adaptations
  • Various security systems, which can operate completely automatically, protecting the security of the website with all its components and the stored data of users
  • Anonymous statistics for all software offered here on the website with downloads
  • Implementation of bStats, which makes the automatic evaluation of these statistics possible, thus improving all software
  • New encryption techniques for all stored data
  • Improved reliability of the website. Multiple instances maintain the uptime of the website and thus of all important downloads

Visible for all visitors:

  • A completely new and modern design, which greatly improves clarity and user-friendliness
  • Much more clearly arranged website, so that the right destination can be reached quickly and easily from any page with just a few clicks
  • All available downloads can be viewed with one glance
  • Even if it sounds strange: It is now possible to download any kind of software here on the website, unlike before
  • Download pages are filled with a lot of extensive information in contrast to before, where there was no information at all
  • Publicly viewable statistics of downloads, such as number of downloads, file sizes, categories, tags and much more
  • An integrated online shop, whereby all premium plug-ins can be bought here on the website, usually with a good price advantage
  • A search function, whereby the system searches the entire website for matching content
  • A support page is available, where everything about support is described and explained, should there be any questions or problems
  • A social media bar at the bottom of the page has also been implemented, which takes you to the right page to follow with just one click
  • A blog area where informative articles and/or tutorials will be written and published
  • A global comment function is also available, allowing anyone to write a short text even without an account

That should be all the new and important changes so far, I have certainly forgotten a few things that are not really noticeable. Nevertheless, we will leave it at that! 😀