ServerSleeper v2 Release!

ServerSleeper v2 with a big new features and optimizations is out now!
Download now here:



It is now possible to create cronjobs, so that the server activates or deactivates the sleep mode. Cronjobs can be used on all platforms, no changes are made to crontab settings for example, because the crontabs work independently within the server. You can define unlimited cronjobs in the config, there are no limits!

To create a cronjob you can use the following generator:

You can also use the CronOnlyMode, so that the sleep mode will only be enabled due a cronjob. Simply enable CronOnlyMode and Cronjobs for that in the config.

To offer the best possible performance, it is also possible to deactivate the ServerSleepControllerTask during sleep mode controlled by a cronjob.

Update-Checker Improvements

The code of the update-checker was slightly changed and thus improved, so that its results are now 100% correct again.

Code Improvements

The code has been cleaned up a bit and some methods have been removed or merged to make the whole thing a bit clearer.