FAQ – AntiCooldown

What are the permissions that I can or must use?

AntiCooldown does not use permissions by default. However, it can be activated in the Config at any time. The available permissions can be viewed here at any time: https://hub.yourgamespace.com/docs/anticooldown/permissions/

Is it possible to disable certain items?

Yes, since AntiCooldown v4 this is possible.
In the Config, items can be defined under “RestrictedItems” where the cooldown is enabled again for the player.

It is also possible that only the items defined there deactivate the cooldown. For this, only “UseAsWhitelist” must be activated in the Config.

Does the CustomItemDamage module also include enchantments and other things?

The CustomItemDamage module sets the base damage value, i.e. the damage that the tool has by default. Enchantments of the item or potions are calculated into an attack.

Is it possible to reduce the damage of axes?

Yes! Since AntiCooldown v4 there is the CustomItemDamage module, with which the damage can be defined and overwritten for each item.
In the Config under “CustomItemDamage” some entries are already available by default and can be edited or further items can be added at any time.

Is it possible to disable worlds?

Yes, it is possible to deactivate worlds. AntiCooldown is then inactive in this world and will no longer make any changes.
To deactivate a world, the world to be deactivated can be entered in the Config under “DisabledWorlds”. Alternatively, the command “/anticooldown disableWorld” can be used.

Can I change all values in the Config?

Yes! You can change every little setting in the config, as well disabling or enabling of functions.

Where can i get support?

You can join my Discord-Server to get support.
All details about that can be found here on that page: Support