FAQ – ServerSleeper

My NPCs and Hollograms are not working correctly. How can i fix that?

A simple solution is to deactivate the option “FastLogin” in the Config.
If you still want the players to be able to join the server without logging in again, you should activate the option “DisableOnServerPing” in your config file.

Why does the TPS drop?

ServerSleeper affects the main thread of the server, slowing it down and putting it to sleep.
As this is the main thread, the TPS values are also “worse”, but this does not cause any problems.

Can I change all values in the Config?

Yes! You can change every little setting in the config, as well disabling or enabling of functions.

Why my TPS is low, after the Sleep-Mode was disabled?

Give your server some time to calculate the correct TPS. Due to the Sleep-Mode the values decrease very much, but this does not cause any problems.

How can I disable “Can’t keep up!” errors?

You can disable this error / message in your “bukkit.yml” config. To do so, simply set the option “warn-on-overload” to “false”.
After a restart the message will not be displayed anymore.

Why i get “Can’t keep up!” errors in my console / log?

You can ignore all ‘Can’t keep up’ messages! Due to the Sleep-Mode its will be caused, but this does not cause any problems while players are on the server.

Where can i get support?

You can join my Discord-Server to get support.
All details about that can be found here on that page: Support