Terms Of Service: ServerSleeper

(1) With the purchase of the software, the conditions listed here are automatically accepted. The customer or user agrees to comply with them.

(2) The latest form of these terms and conditions always applies, older forms or forms that were active at the time of purchase are thereby invalidated. The customer or user is obliged to regularly inform himself about the valid conditions and to inform himself about them.

(3) Under no circumstances is the distribution of ServerSleeper allowed in any form. If we detect a violation, we as the seller have the right to stop the use of the software for the customer / user, not to provide further updates for the customer and to stop support.

(4) We do not assume any liability for any damages that may occur due to the software. Among other things, we also do not provide compensation for damages. The customer / user is independently responsible for ensuring security features related to his server.

(5) No changes may be made to the software without prior consent, even if the modified version is only for private use.

(6) No parts of the plugin may be copied or adopted and incorporated into other plugins, which are used privately or published.